My first time sober at least

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My first time sober at least

Note : This story is completely fictional!

After two drug induced encounters with my friend Kim, I was curious to whether I could have sex with her sober... the flashbacks were vivid and theyd been impossible to get out of my head this is my diary entry that followed....


January 21st
Kim called to my house at about 5pm, i chickened out of answering the door naked as id originally planned so i was wearing a tight cream sweater, short denim skirt and brown ugg boots she was wearing a tight torn sex pistols tshirt and baggy jeans /hung/">hung low on her hips, She is taller than me about 56" messy short dark brown hair with blonde highlights shes pretty skinny but her arms are toned and she has a proper six pack , she has her nose, eyebrow and tongue pierced and among others a tribal tatoo on her shoulder which was visible with what she was wearing. she rolled a joint and i put on some music (Soulwax - Nite Versions), she suggested a game of pool because we have a table in the spare room, as i was leaning over the table i could feel her watch my ass as my skirt rode up a little giving her a glimpse of my red french knickers. She came over behind me to show me i was holding the cue wrong and as i took my shot her hands lingered on my hips, she ran her thumb along the waistband of my skirt her finger grazed my lower belly, i felt a tingle between my legs.

She pulled away and took a smoke of her joint and told me i was the worst pool player she had ever seen, all the teasing was making me impatient and horny so when i went to the bathroom i took off my bra, my sweater was a low v neck so i knew when i leaned over the table she would get a good view of my 32c boobs. She just matter of factly said "/tits/nice-tits/">nice tits" and took her shot, i was starting to get annoyed now, with boys all i have to do is bat my lashes and they try to rip my clothes off... she was making it really hard and the more she showed no interest the more i wanted her. I decided that she only wanted me when we were off our face on drugs and just continued playing and trying to ignore the throbbing of my pussy, i must have been quiet because she came over and asked me what i was sulking about, i shook my head and gave her an annoyed look.

Then she caught my wrists and stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv pinned me against the pool table, looking me straight in the eye she said in her throaty voice "youre sulking because you want me to eat your pussy" I kind of gave a nervous giggle and jumped up to sit on the table trying to look away but she grabbed my face and pointed it to hers and said "Tell me you want me to eat your pussy" i was sitting on the table with her standing between my legs, with that i felt her hand slide up my inner thigh and she leaned in to kiss me, her kiss was forcefull her piercing exploring my mouth and as her fingers edged closer to my crotch the nervous tingling in my pussy made me ache, she broke away from my mouth and started kissing my neck i kicked off my boots and she whispered huskily in my ear "say it!" the ache in my clit was unbearable so i looked into her electric blue eyes and said "i want you to eat my pussy" we started kissing frantically and she put her fingers inside my now damp lace panties, i felt her insert two soft fingers inside me while her thumb massaged my clit... it felt so fucking amazing as she stretched me widening her fingers apart.

I pulled my sweater off so that i was topless wearing only the skirt and /underwear/">underwear and started undoing her studded belt and jeans... she kissed her way down my neck to my boobs still fingering me as she went, she quickly pulled off her tshirt and i saw that both her small perky boobs had piercings in them and she had a large /chinese/">chinese dragon tattood on her toned lower stomach i ran my fingers over her nipples and watched them react to me, her skin was so soft. She pulled my panties and skirt off leaving me sitting naked on the table and she leaned down so that my legs rested on her shoulders and started to kiss, lick and bite the insides of my thighs and pussy lips until finally flicking her pierced tongue over my clit repeatdly she pumped her fingers into my pussy and then stuck her thumb into my /asshole/">asshole this sent me over the edge and waves of pleasure ran from my nipples to my clit as i came.

She pulled off her jeans and i noticed that she wasnt wearing any underwear she directed all the remaining balls on the table into one of the pockets and climbed up on the table with me, i pushed her down and straddled her smiling in my post orgasmic state and kissed her as my hand found her pussy which was covered in a mound of soft brown hair, i felt her wetness before i even reached her hole on the insides of her thighs and on the green velvet below us i softly rubbed the entrance to her pussy before plunging my index finger inside her it was tight, wet and warm (besides hers the only pussy id ever felt was my own) she bucked her hips in rythem of my fingering her and i ran my palm over her clit in a circular motion as i kissed her neck and circled her pierced nipples with my tongue, i felt her clit swell in response and i took that oppertunity to take my hand away and kiss my way down her body tracing the outline of her tattoo with my tongue, to the beat of the music i pushed two fingers into her pussy and with my tongue french kissed her pussy lips gently sucking on her sensitive clit... her scent was intoxicating white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie making my own pussy tingle again i moved my mouth down further and stuck my tongue right into her wettening pussyhole, then further again around her tight puckered /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole still rubbing my palm on her clit in circular motions and pumping my other hand into her pussy...i stuck my wet innocent tongue up into her ass..

I felt her pussy contract around my fingers and she sat up pushing my head further into her naked crotch, by this stage i was gagging for it again so when i raised my head to kiss her she switched over so that i was on my back, i felt our bodys connect as she lay on top of me still kissing me our nipples touching both our soft wet skin sliding on each other the scent of both of us making us /crazy/">crazy she guided my hand down to my pussy and said "go on... play with yourself" as i rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy she used our wetness to guide a finger into my ass and pulled my nipples with her teeth, as she kissed my neck she kept breathlessly saying things like "you like a finger in your ass" and "everyone thinks your so innocent but i know your my little slut" i felt her finger herself frantically and as her wetness leaked onto my thighs i felt another orgasm grow until my body shuddered. Afterwards we laughed about what excuse i could give Barry for the mysterious damp patches on his pool table she rolled another joint we smoked it and she left...