Second date with a gorgeous woman

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Second date with a gorgeous woman

This is a tale of a fantastic night I had a few years ago.

It was our second date and we?d been having a great time. Any pause in conversation and laughing was quickly turned into a kiss or what can only be described as ?social petting?. It?s only fair I describe this girl for you now.

She had greeny brown eyes, and was only 4 foot 11 in height. From her height you can guess she was little. This girl was little in every sense, small waist, slim figure that although she didn?t have a particularly /athletic/">athletic figure she was nicely toned with a /cute/">cute bum and lovely little thighs.

Her hair was brown and very long. It normally went half-way down her back, but today she had it tied up into a cute bun which showed off beautiful face and kissable neck. Very kissable neck.

On this particular date she was wearing tight blue jeans and a nice wide necked black top that nicely slipped down one shoulder, exaggerating the kissablilty of her neck even more.

After starting in a nice posh old fashioned pub we had wandered down to an Irish bar with live acoustic music which just added to the romantic feel of the night. After a couple drinks she insisted on getting the next round of drinks. As she pushed up on tip-toes to order the drinks I noticed how sexy her bum looked inside those tight blue jeans.

Making a mental note to make sure I got a good feel of that later in the night she returned with a beaming happy smile. ?Thanks? I said as she sat back down. Then we kissed again and I caressed her waist, then side of her bum. ?Hey? she said breaking off the kiss, smiling then kissing me again.

At the end of the night we got a taxi and the taxi driver asked us which route to take. Then he suggested a river-side route which we immediately accepted. As we sped down the road with our ?chauffer? clearly enjoying playing cupid, we kissed and kissed some more.

With only the taxi driver able to see us the caressing got more raunchy than we had dared in the pubs and bars. Her hands all over my chest and back, with mine all over her indian santali xvideo waist, bum and thighs. Nibbling her neck, she whimpered a little and rocker her head back in pleasure. Unfortunately we were interrupted as we arrived at the house she shared with friends. Expecting to just drop her off and head back to my place alone I kissed her goodnight and asked what she was doing at the weekend.

?Do you want to come in, ..... just for a while??
?I don?t want you to go yet?, she added.
?You?ve got work in the morning and I?ve got to be up early too?, I reminded her.
?I only meant for a while, not all night?, she stated with a cute little laugh.

I couldn?t resist and accepted. Leaving the taxi driver a little miffed at losing the extra fare, but happy in the knowledge that his idea of the riverside route had turned a good night kiss into a potential opportunity for what he would have guessed would be our first shag.

Once inside the door she poured a couple glasses or water and we settled down on the sofa for more kissing and caressing. Some hushed talking too, trying not to awaken her housemates, but mostly kissing and caressing.

After a few minutes I was caressing her tum under her top. ?Do you want to take it off? she asked, lifting her arms up above her head. ?Certainly? was the only sensible answer to such a question and I lifted her top off. She was wearing a tidy little white bra lifting her cute little boobs up.

I?ve been trying to sneak a peak at her boobs both tonight and the first date a few days before... as well as the first night I met her. The best I?d managed was a playful flirty attempt to look down her top on date 1 which she skilfully dodged by covering the neckline and stating ?There?s not much to see down there?. Right now they looked small, but ample. I smile assuringly at her before kissing her again whilst slipping my hand over and releasing the clasp.

?Smooth?, she stated as I slipped the straps over her shoulders, ?Didn?t even feel you do that?.
?Another of my skills?, I added to her observations.
As I slid her bra off I leaned back to admire her topless beauty.

She looked shy, insecure and stated, ?They?re too small aren?t they??

To be fair, she wasn?t far off the alain lyle porn mark. They were small, smaller than I expected. The bra was clearly padded! Although small, they were also /sweet/">sweet little boobs and I was falling for this little woman. Really falling, so I smudged the truth a little, ?Not really. You are a little woman and /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs would look odd on you. I think they suite your /gorgeous/">gorgeous little figure.? She smiled and I leaned into her right breast.

Taking her nipple between my lips. Sucking lightly. Then kissed her breast tenderly and licked around her nipple. Blew gently and then playfully ?pinched? her boob with my lips, pulling back the letting go to see the /small/small-breast/">small breast bounce ever so lightly.

She smiled, grinned even, then kissed me passionately. ?I?m always worried when boys first see my boobs? she informed me. ?I know they are tiny, all my friends have much bigger than me and I have to used padded bras or chicken fillets just to get close?.

?Hey, they are beautiful, just like their tiny sexy owner?, I reassured her again. ?My turn? she said as she went to lift off my long-sleaved sweater.

So fair is fair, I went topless too. Glad I?d lost some weight in the couple months before I met her, she smiled, lifted her eyebrows sexily and started to caress my chest with a few playful tugs of my chest hair. ?You?ve a very hair chest?, she said, ?Proper manly. All the other boys I?ve been with have been baldy chests?.

?All...? I asked with a smile. ?Not that many?, she assured. ?And I?m not telling you any numbers, yet?. ?Me neither then? was my playful retort. ?More than me, I?m sure?, she said sparing her reputation.

We passionately kissed and caressed each others chest and back for a few minutes before she said, ?We had better go upstairs in case anyone catches us?. ?We?re only kissing?, I thought out loud, but didn?t add that I?d quite a happily get caught in a compromising position with such a beautiful girl.

?And I?m topless, come on, follow me.... to my room?. She pulled her top back on over her cute little boobs and collected her bra from the floor. I collected my top and followed her upstairs.

Her room was a good size with a nice double bed in the middle and a bookcase by the door. With the door closed I reinstated her ?topless? status and got to work lying her down and kissing her sweet boobs and flat tum.

She undid her belt lifted her hips off the bed allowing me to gradually slip the very tight jeans off, taking her little panties with them. As she lay there legs parted and bent at the knees, I could see the sweetest little pussy. Stylish cute little ?landing strip? just above. Her lips perfectly tidy and symmetrical, I just wanted her on my penis there and then. ?Wow, you really are one gorgeous little woman? I stated as I crawled up her body and kissed her. ?Thanks?.

?Fair?s Fair?, she said undoing my belt. ?But I?m not doing it for you,? she said after undoing the button and withdrawing her hands. I stepped off the bed and put wallet, phone etc on her bookcase, slipped my trousers off, which coincidentally was also tight to show off my own proud athletic bum.

As I got back on the bed next to her, she caressed my penis and kissed me. She then sat up, undid the bun of hair and let her long brown hair flow down her back. ?Beautiful?, I said stroking her sexy shoulder and tracing her arm down to her waist. Caressed her bum ? AT LAST. Wow, that was one cute tight little bum.

?Thanks, again, so full of compliments? as she traced a line down my chest to my tum and back up again. The feel of her touch caressing my chest just turned me on even more. A strong animalistic urged pulsed though my body. As my penis got harder I struggled to control the strong urge to wrap her body around me and pound her into sexual bliss. Deciding the best way to ensure she had an intense earth-shattering orgasm was to get her simmering first, I set about teasing her body, softly softly.

With formalities, like clothes, out of the way I set about caressing every inch of her gorgeous figure. The trim thighs, cute bum, flat tum, sexy slim shoulders and sweet little breasts.

Eventually getting closer and closer to her pussy with each pass. As I first brushed her lips she gasped a little and then she placed my hand over her soaking wet lips. ?You are very very wet down there?, I stated lightly into her ear.

?Wonder why that is?, she murmured into my ear. ?Hum, just there,? she added placing my finger over her clitoris and encouraging a little light pressure. As I started caressing in little circular motions, she let her hand slip off to the side.

Gradually increasing the pace until her breathing increased and short sharp inhalations indicated she was close... I then stopped. Caressed her inner thigh and around her lips, leaving the clitoris alone. After about half a minute her breathing was back just slow and relaxed, then I started to caress her hood again, this time with my thumb. Her breathing increased again and I slipped a finger into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. My finger searching until it found a little spongy spot on the front wall of her wet and tight little tunnel. She gasped sharply as I massaged her G-spot. I slipped a second finger in. ?Oh, yeees?, she murmured.

Turning my attention purely to her G-spot I increased the pace my fingers were massaging her soft inner spot. ?Ouuu, ouuu? she murmured as she put her hands behind her head. Showing just a tiny bit of underarm hair suggesting she wasn?t expecting to be naked with me on date 2.

I tried to slip a third finger in, unsuccessfully as she suddenly voiced, ?Hey, ouch! That?s enough, I can?t take another.? ?Sorry? and I kissed her, removed my fingers and traced tender circles around her lips. ?It?s ok, I?m fine, carry on. Just two fingers please.?

Sliding both fingers back in I started to pump her G-spot firmly. Now lying on top of her, kissing her and nuzzling in her neck, with her thighs either side of me and my fingers pumping her most intimate area. Her breathing increased and increased. Her thighs clamped around me and her hands over my back, grasping firmly... her finger nails starting to dig in a little. ?That ok?? she asked as she dug her nails in a bit more and sketched down my back. ?Yes, quite a turn on really. You?re enjoying this aren?t you?? I queried. ?What gave it away?? she added.

As I increased my pace I felt my hand get suddenly much wetter, and still more wetter as her sexy little hushed screams slipped out of her mouth between sharp panting. As her panting slowed and her scratching softened she asked ?We need to be quiet, I don?t want to wake the others?. ?Not sure if they?d approve of this on our second date.? She mused to me. ?As long as you enjoy yourself,? I whispered to her. ?Still need to be quiet?, she stated hugging me close and wrapping her legs around me.

Starting to caress her clit again I decided to give her tight little tunnel a rest ? for now. Massaging her clit, it didn?t take long before she was panting again. Rapidly flipping left to right to left to right over and over with my thump and holding her lips lightly with the palm of my hand I could feel how soaking wet she still was.

Then again, as her whimpers turned to hushed screams my hand got wetter and wetter. Her head was leaned right back and her back arching below me pushed her small, firm sweet boobies into my chest. I kissed her between her breasts as her orgasm subsided.
She opened her eyes and smiled at me. Instinctively I smiled back in no doubt whatsoever that I was really falling for this girl. We kissed and I scooped her into my arms and held her for a few minutes, deciding whether or not to take the next step.

Sliding down her body I kissed her tum and above her cute little strip of hair near her wetness. Then kissed along her inner thigh, down to her knees and calf.

Sat at the bottom of the bed I caressed her right foot and slowly worked my way back up her leg until I reached the sodden glistening patch between her legs. The base of her bum shinning too, just a little. With my nose on a level with her little strip of hair I looked up her body, along her flat tum, between the small firm, but in truth barely noticeable mounds of breast. Funny how even /boobs/large-boobs/">large boobs look smaller when the girl is on her back. Almost as though she knew I was thinking about her breasts she looked down at me, smiled and caressed her little boobs with her delicate hands. ?You are such a beautiful little woman?, I confirmed as I started to kiss and caress her clit and lips with my tongue.

?Hey, you?ve got work in the morning. Nearly forgot?, I suddenly realized. ?It?s ok?, she replied. ?No, better let you get some sleep. If I start we?ll be at it all night. Probably better leave something for another day anyway?. ?No, really is ok?, she reiterated and opened her legs a little wider.

I kissed up her body, past her boobs to her sweet face and soft tender lips. Kissed her again and she kissed me back more passionate than ever. I slid my foreskin back, laying my bell glistening with pre-cum on her tum with my balls resting against her soaking wet lips and bum.

Gyrating the underside of my shaft against her clit, sliding my sensitive end along her smooth soft flat tum. ?hummm? she purred in my ear and then kissed me again.

As she was purring softly again and again I slipped my end lower, past her little strip of hair and glided it along and lightly in-between her lips, but not inside. Then up to her clit. Massaging her /wet/wet-clit/">wet clit with my glistening end. ?Be careful?, she said softly and looked me deep in the eye.

Glancing over to her bookcase where my wallet lay containing my condoms. Now was the time to decide. Do I take it to the next stage and have sex with her, and if I do I really should put a condom on, but right there and then it seemed almost too perfect a build up to disrupt. However she did say ?Be careful? so I really should, but it was so tempting to just slide all the way in ?bareback?.

This episode has gone on long enough. So you will have to wait until the next installment to find out if I did it bareback or even did it at all!