Getting Even

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Getting Even

It’s Thursday night and I thought I would go down to my favorite bar for some dinner and a drink. I had on casual clothes not expecting to meet anyone new. Ricky’s is a quaint place that plays smooth jazz with a quiet atmosphere and a peaceful setting. There is never any trouble just music some food and relaxation after a long day. 

I sat down at the bar and ordered the house specialty a Gin Rickey, I wanted a table for some dinner but as usual the place was packed even for a Thursday night and would have to eat in the bar. After my first drink I ordered a turkey on toasted sourdough with coleslaw as my headache started to subside. I knew it would be thirty minutes before the food showed up so I soaked up the music and quiet conversations of probably forty people in the bar area.

Anita Baker was playing in the background as I looked around at the people making up this place. There were couples slow dancing some regulars and a few /women/">women sitting at the bar talking to the regulars. Off to the right side of the bar against the wall almost to the corner they have those small tables with two stools for every table. On the left side is a few of the same tables and a piano waiting for its player. 

At one of the tables on the right side sat a very pretty /brunette/">brunette dressed in a white, what looked like silk blouse low cut, sleeveless, and a colorful skirt knee high with sandals. She was not one of the regulars. As I waited for my dinner the parade of men asking for dances and offering drinks was running three minute intervals. Bobby one of the regulars sitting close to me said he gave it a try, but acting uninterested she said she was waiting for someone. I asked him what she was drinking, chuckling he said, ’You have no chance margaritas’. I smiled and said ’Thanks’. I decided to wait more then three minutes.

I told Tommy the bartender to bring me a margarita the same as the lady was having. He placed it on the bar and said what’s up? ’Oh nothing just going to see if I can have dinner with some company for a change’. I took the cocktail napkin from under the drink and wrote, I would like to enjoy my dinner tonight with some light conversation and some nice company. I got the attention of the barmaid and asked her to take it over. 

Her initial look was not again, and then she smiled and asked the barmaid where it came from. Hanna who had worked there for eight years pointed to me and told her I had sent it and professed my harmlessness. Telling her I was a regular that wasn’t always on the hunt. She sat the drink down on the table and read the note, a small smile broke across her face and she made a slight wave with the napkin for me to come over. I told Tommy to sent my food to the table and have Hanna bring me another drink. 

I walked over and introduced myself and sat down on the stool. The wood is hard on those damn stools but I didn’t care. Up close she was very pretty, perfect skin and green eyes. She said her name was Liana. She had what looked like a perfect tan but it was her natural skin color, I don’t think there was a freckle on her. Her breasts were round, full, and you could just see the tops over her low cut blouse. Her nails were done my favorite way with a French manicure as her toes were done as well. She held herself at the table with the look of a woman about thirty six and very well kept. At what looked like 5’6’ and about 115 lbs. she was quintessential girl next door. 

I asked her why she let me come over and turned down all those others. She said she felt like they were choosing and not her, and didn’t like feeling pushed. I told her she had an interesting name and asked where it came from. Her father had a grandmother in the French resistance and felt it was a way to honor and remember her. She had never met her great grandmother but there were pictures all over her house growing up and her father said she was just as beautiful as her. 

We talked for a while had another drink, and they finally brought my dinner. We shared it and continued the conversation. I asked what she was doing here tonight because I had never seen her before. She replied that she wanted to go out, relax and get out of the house and maybe meet new people. As she spoke she held perfect eye contact with those mesmerizing green eyes, I would feel my thoughts drift to sexual thoughts of her, only to be brought back suddenly by a noise in the bar. I asked if she lived close by, but she said she lived across town and offered nothing else of location. 

Liana said she was staying at the Marriot West Suites just a block down from the bar, and needed a night away. When I asked why she needed a hotel on the other side of town she looked down and confessed to having trouble with her husband and wanted away for a couple of days. Not wanting to push for answers I changed the subject to see if that’s what she need. I asked her if she worked and she said she had a decorating business in the same building as here husband and that’s where the problems started. Seeing that she really wanted to talk about it I asked what happened. Her office was one floor up from his and that they were supposed to go to dinner the night before with clients. When she came down from her office to remind him, she opened the door to find him receiving /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex from his secretary. She stood for a second turned and left going straight home. 

Once home she began to become enraged with him and when he came through the door he proclaimed it was her fault. If she had given him more oral sex that he wouldn’t have lost his passion for her. He could see she was enraged and went into the other room waiting for her to calm down thinking his ability to litigate legal matters was going to fix things. He was wrong Liana packed a small bag and left.

I asked her what she had planned to do. She said she was going to get even by having an affair of her own but became afraid last night and did nothing at this same bar. I asked if she had changed her mind tonight. Then a smile came across her face and she said yes that I had made her feel comfortable and was ready to teach that bastard a lesson. I almost fell over when she said it. I needed another drink, my throat had become suddenly very dry. Sexual thoughts began racing through my mind, what did she want, and what was she willing to do. As I composed myself I thought I will be just as bold and ask her what she wants of me. 

When I asked her that very question she replied ’It’s nothing I want of you, what is it you would like of me? I want to be your perfect /whore/">whore and do anything you want.’ Leaning forward being very quiet she said ’I just have one request I have brought a digital camera and I want a picture of me sucking your cock and I want you to take it. I will do anything you want all night until I have to leave tomorrow.’ Of course my mind couldn’t grasp this and I mumbled anything? Just to test her. She said yes anything. Fuck I thought I would faint right there when the blood left my head for my cock. I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me so I thought of the first test. I reached up with my left hand and held hers and let my right drop below the table. I stroked her thigh under her dress to see what would happen and she sat perfectly still smiled and asked how she felt. Her skin was smooth as silk like nothing I had touched before. I kissed her hand and told her it was time to begin. She was mine for the taking and take her I would, to places she had never felt before.

As I stroked her thigh I reached a little farther and felt her panties letting my finger run quickly over her pussy. Her eyes closed for a second and I could see she had made up her mind to go though with it and enjoy the experience. I then leaned forward and not asking, but telling her to go to the bathroom and remove her panties and bra and return to the table. She stood, said nothing, and left. When she returned I could just see her breast through the blouse and could only envision what her pussy looked like. She pulled her chair closer to me and sat down handing me the bra and panties. I quickly put them in my pocket, not wanting anyone to see what was going on, but in the corner there was nothing anyone could see anyway.

She sat legs crossed waiting for another command, I asked her if she would like to suck my cock as I reached for her thigh again. She said she would take me into her mouth as please me anyway she could. Damn my cock was hard hearing these things from a beautiful woman. As my hand slid up and down her thigh she had that look like I could fuck her anytime I wanted, but I wanted it all and it was going to be a night I would never forget. She had her legs crossed and she had swung her body out from the table sitting in front of me, she had perfect legs with that golden brown skin waiting for me to part them and play. I told her to part her legs slightly and let me see her pussy, and she slowly opened them to reveal and perfectly shaven pussy ready to be plucked. Just then the barmaid walked up and asked if we wanted another drink, we said no that we would finish what we have and would be leaving soon. I told her she was beautiful and I loved a shaved pussy. I asked her if it was wet and did she want me to touch it again she leaned forward and opened her legs farther. 

As I slid my hand up her leg my finger ran over the lips of her pussy and she let out a small little moan, that sound that begs for more. As we sat I made her tell me how she was going to suck my cock. She said she wanted to be on her knees and release me from my pants. She said she would then take my cock hold it and look at it for a minute before placing the head on her tongue. the wwwxxx The she would lick the end rolling her tongue around the head while stroking the shaft. Then she said she would cup my balls with the other hand and slide her mouth down the shaft coming back up to the head while sucking the tip and stroking. My head was reeling from the thought of this. I told her reach over and touch my cock through my pants at the table and tell me what she felt. She reached over and gently grabbed me, smiled and said ’I am ready to suck you dry when you want I will be you perfect whore tonight’. I took my finger and ran it over her pussy again telling her I will taste it later. 

I had decided it was time to leave and have some real fun in her suite. We got to my car to drive to the suite. It was only a block but I wanted her in the car, I wanted a better look at that pussy. I have a Lincoln Town Car with lots of room in the front seat so it was easy to slide around and plenty of room for anything. When I opened the door for her to get in I turned her around and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. She reached around me and held me tight and pulled me closer to feel her breast against me, and let her feel my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock against her. She slid her hand down the front of my pants to reassure herself everything she was doing was working. She had no idea how sexy and how hot she really was. I could see now her nipples were showing through her blouse and I needed to touch them. As she stood with her back to the car and me facing her I told her to lift her blouse slightly and show me her breast. I told her I wanted to see how hard her nipples were and I wanted to touch them. She reached down to the bottom of her blouse and lifted, exposing what was two incredibly perfect round breast with perfect quarter size nipples sticking out hard as a rock. I told her to pinch them before I kissed them and show me she wanted it. She reached up with both hands and slowly twisted and pulled them out towards me, then held her breast slightly, I bent down and kissed them both letting my tongue run over the tips making her knees buckle. Then I told her to show me her pussy and she lifted her dress showing me that shaven pussy that shined with wetness from the street lights.

I touched once more rubbing fingers up and down and told her to get into the car. She did this quickly and waited for me to get in the other side. I started the engine and let it warm up without saying a word. As I put it in drive I told her to pull her dress up and slid around to face me while we drove. Next I told her to part her pussy lips with her left hand and rub her clit with her right hand. She looked at me for a second and spread her legs, god she was beautiful spread for me like that. Then she did as asked and began to rub little circles around her clit while spreading her lips. I told her we weren’t going back to the suite until she came for me in the front seat. As she rubbed and played I could see the wetness grow I then told her to slide her fingers into her pussy and to lick her fingers. She said she had never done anything like that, I told her it is what my whore would do if I told her to. So she slid her two fingers in her pussy and fucked herself for two or three strokes then placed then in her mouth. I said tell me what I am going to taste later. She then placed her fingers back in her pussy and slid them in and out several times moaning louder and longer only to stop and place her fingers in my mouth. She asked how do I taste? It was wonderful, wet and warm, I wanted her badly. 

She then took my hand as we drove slowly and placed my two fingers into her and continued /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy until I could see the moisture run to her ass. She began to pulsate and buck on my hand until she let out an audible moan releasing her orgasm completely. She laid back and asked if she had performed as I had asked. I said reach over and rub my cock and you will find out. She slid over next to me and began rubbing my pants feeling my hard cock and kissed my neck and ear whispering I want your cock in my mouth. I told her you will have it soon, in your mouth, your pussy, and your ass. I was going to make her mine. She squeezed my cock harder and said she couldn’t wait.
I took the longest possible way back to the suite where she was staying. As we were driving she nibbled on my ear and kissed my neck while rubbing my cock through my pants. I told her I wanted to see her breast again and to lift her blouse and expose them to me. As she did this I could she this look on her face of sexual desire and lustfulness that made me so excited I knew it would be a wild night. I told her again to pull and twist her nipples so I could see how far they would extend out. As she twisted and pull stroke by stroke her eyes would close and I asked what she was seeing. She said she imagined my cock rubbing across her face and the precum leaking form the end and she wanted to lick it off the head. Holy shit I had to experience this right now. I told her to how beautiful her breasts were and now I needed to feel her stroke my cock.

She reached for my pants as I drove slowing through the city, street by street the lights shinning through the windshield giving me glimpses of her body and the erotic look on her face knowing she had never even conceived of anything like this. As she began to unzip my pants to remove my cock I said ’tell me, I want to hear it’. With a lustful smile she said ’I want to taste your cock in my mouth.’ What else I demanded? ’I want to lick the precum from the tip of your cock.’ And? ’I want to feel the cum pulse from your cock into my mouth’. I just about fainted I couldn’t believe this was happening it was surreal.
With that she released my cock from my pants, the tilt wheel up to the max, and the seat all the way back. She had plenty of room to maneuver. 

Now my cock isn’t long just average in length but thick and hard enough to make a woman feel as if she has been impaled on solid steel. She held my cock for a second as if comparing it to her cheating husbands. She said it was beautiful and had a perfectly shaped head and it deserved a good licking and sucking. She looked at me smiled and stroked it a few time telling me that a good whore would suck me anytime anywhere as she bent down and kissed the head. I was so fucking horney I could have blown my load before she began to suck, but she reached farther into my pants and squeezed my balls a little hard and said not yet. I want every drop from you and not to let go yet. She slid her lips slightly down my cock and released my balls and stroked as her mouth began a magical slide. Up and down sliding her lips to the tip and rolling her tongue around the head, and back down slowly smoothly and without hesitation. She attempted to deep throat me but couldn’t get down to the base. Her mouth was warm and wet sliding to the tip again where she flexed her tongue tip and licked the slit on the head of my cock. This sent a wild chill through my body as I drove. I told her I wanted her to suck the cum from my cock right now, she rolled her head slightly and smiled and said ’your whore will do as you wish.’ With that I pulled to the curb so I didn’t kill us both.

She began to suck faster and harder up and down sliding her mouth over the length of my cock. God I love that sucking sound a woman makes as she takes my cock in her mouth and begins to milk me. She stopped at the head of my cock and held it in her mouth as her tongue slid back and forth just under the head bringing me to the brink of explosion.

She felt this as my back arched and she plunged my cock deep in to her mouth and began that fast sucking sound while fucking my cock with her mouth. I grabbed her hair and said are you ready whore? All I could hear was hmmm as I let go and forced her head up and down with my hand pushing and pulling on her hair and head. I could feel the cum pulse from my cock as I became light headed. All I could think was fuck this felt good, suck me harder I moaned take it all. With that I felt her lips clamp wwwxxx down sucking me harder and draining me of every pearl drop into her mouth. When I was drained and exhausted she pulled her head up off my cock grabbed the base squeezing, and slid her hand to the head milking the last drop to the tip. She looked at me smiled and bent down to lick the last drop from the tip. I shuttered, laid my head back, and let a long breath. 

She said how did your whore perform for you tonight? I couldn’t even speak, I just smiled, she was well on her way to being my perfect whore for the evening.