A helping handfor sis in law

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A helping handfor sis in law

In today’s society were divorce is almost the norm, my family was no different when I was twenty my parents divorced. My dad soon remarried, and the lady he married had a son who was about 10. What a pain in the ass I couldn’t stand him, Steve was a selfish, spoiled little brat who cared only for himself and caused everyone grief and we all hated to be around him. Luckily, I didn’t live close and didn’t have to deal with him too much. After about 18 years he tried to make amends and tried to get me to accept him as a brother, which I would not do. Hey I don’t mean to be unforgiving but I didn’t need him kissing up to me. I already had my own family and career. 
He married a girl the day she graduated from high school. I was surprised when I first saw Rebecca, in the fact she appeared to be a fine young girl, I wondered how he had got her. I soon found out, she was the most naive girl I had ever met at her age. Then he got a job not far my where I lived. Dam: I told my wife why did I have to deal with this. So we had to include him in our family activities and had to put up with his /kissing/kiss-ass/">kiss ass attitude, trying to get me to like him. I noticed that he had not changed a bit, he would leave Becca home every Saturday to go snow skiing, he was always thinking of himself. He would travel a lot so she was often home alone. One day when my wife and family were gone to her mothers for the week. I got a call from Becca telling me her car wouldn’t start and that Steve was gone out of town. I told her I would drop by on my way home from a late meeting and to expect me around 8:30p.m. I showed up on time. I knocked on the door she answered the door and I was taken back for a minute as she was looking very hot, I couldn’t believe I even thought the thoughts I thought. I shrugged it off and got the keys and proceeded to check the car out

I soon was done getting her car running I went in to the house to tell her it was any easy fix and not to worry about it as all it was, was a wire loose. She almost started to cry, so I asked her what was wrong she just said she was relieved as she was already stressed to the max and couldn’t have handled any more. I told her not to worry about it, she got me a drink and I sat down for a few minutes, We talked for a few minutes and I listened as she told me of all of the stress she was having (mostly Steve induced) I told her if she were to sit down in front of me I would ease all of her stress. She laughed, and said how was that possible, I said sit and see. I threw down a couch pillow and she sat down. I pulled her back between my legs and began giving her one of my famous massages. She was very tense at first but after a few minutes in my hands she was turning to Jell-O. I could tell she was enjoying it as I could hear small moans of relief. After a few minutes I pulled her head back into my lap and began to work on her temples and head. This move really relaxes people. As I did this I found I had a nice view of her small but pert breasts. Now if I have a weakness it is breasts. And the sight of her tits just sitting there partially exposed to my view was giving me a warm feeling in my pants her top was a button down and her position gave me a glimpse of the tops of them down to her bra. I continued to work my fingers through her hair and scalp. Her eyes were closed and it was obvious she was in 7th heaven. 
I worked my fingers to her ears and gently massaged them. Some /women/">women really like this more than others. Becca really like it and said thank you and said she had never experienced anything like this before. I asked her if Steve had ever given her a massage. She laughed and said not likely, he was only interested in one thing and that was getting off and she added, but he is quick at that’.I asked if he ever gave her the attention she needed, she just nodded her head no and went back to enjoying herself. I worked down to her neck not wanting to give up my view, by his time however her nipples had began to poke out thorough her blouse. (Ah my magic at work). I was getting worked up over her blossoming tits. So I decided to take a chance and see how things would transpire. I worked my hands down the back of her shoulder blades and under her arms where I began to make small circle motions, increasing in size until I could feel the base of flesh that began to form her breasts. When I first touched it Becca tensed for a minute and I whispered relax and then under my hands she relaxed I continued to work just the base, with an occasional move up the side. I would then move back to her shoulders for a few minutes then I would return to her sides each time moving up her tits, when she stop tensing with each touch there I knew she was ready for what I call the full breasts treatment. 
I went back to her temples and then down her cheeks bokep sma pecah perawan and then to her chin, her head still back in my lap, but I had pulled back a little as I did not want her to feel the bulge that had begun to form in my pants. When I was done with her face I worked the front of her neck and then with the timing of a /master/">master I had my hands fully on her breasts she started to jump up. I held her down gently with again a whisper said relax its ok. She immediately relaxed again and I began to massage her breasts through her blouse avoiding her nipples and areolas. She was really beginning to purr now and I was amazed to see her nipples about double in size. 
I said to my self I have hit the mother load; I gently began to tweak them between my fingers. Becca began to squirm, but remained where she was with her eyes closed. I began to unbutton her top, which, allowed me a full view of her delightful mounds, She was so out of it she didn’t even realize what I had done, I went back to cupping her bra encased breasts in my hands and went to vigorously manipulating her erect nipples. Her breathing was becoming harder and she began to squirm some more. It was then that I noticed her wet spot showing through her white shorts, I smiled to myself knowing she was mine for the taking. I quickly put my fingers into her bra and began working her nipples between my fingers, I was surprised to feel then expand even more under my touch. I was starting to really feel the pressure in my own system when all of the sudden Becca arched her back and let out a drawn out moan. By hell Becca had just had a small orgasm by just touching her tits. She slowly opened her eyes and looked down at her open blouse and then to her wets pant and then up to me and said ’How did you do that’? How’d I do what? I asked, She said what I just did. Oh shit. I thought realizing I had just taken her somewhere she had never been. I asked her have you never felt that before? She just nodded no, and said, I have never even felt so wet before. I thought to myself, that hubby boy was still the selfish bastard that he has always been. I ask her if she enjoyed it, she said yes. So I asked her if she ever had an orgasm before, sadly she said she hadn’t. So I asked the obvious question is it because he doesn’t take the time to fulfill your needs? Yes she said, he just puts it in and then he done. That fast? I asked old waman xxxgx astounded. Doesn’t that upset you? I continued my questioning. She said she really didn’t know what to expect from sex. I then reminded myself she was only a 19-year-old girl that was one of the most naпve girls I had ever known. I said well we would have to teach you what to expect and teach him some manners.

But lets finish your stress relief; I had her finish removing her blouse and had her lay on her stomach. I then moved so I was basically straddling her tight little ass. I began to give her back a deep massage, working out the little knots that were all over it. Thinking that she must have been stressed for quite some time to have that many, then realizing she had never had the true relief she needed. I then vowed that I would give her total relief. I work my way around her back as we spoke of things, mostly him and his selfish ways. I changed the subject when I felt her becoming tense again. I began to explain that she had a lot of little knots and the best place to massage was the buttocks, since most muscle and nerves ran through them. I stood up and stretched a straddled her again, this time with my ass facing the back of her head. (And I’m sure by now she could feel my hard-on pressing against her back, but I didn’t care) I worked her ass through her shorts I worked down the back of her thighs and calves to her feet and gave them the treatment all woman like. Becca was no exception. After a few minutes She was again purring like a little kitten. I gently rolled her over and worked my way back up her legs, mostly avoiding her pussy, I could tell by the /big/big-wet/">big wet spot in her shorts that she was enjoying herself. I kept my eyes on hers. Keeping her breasts in my line of sight. I slowly unbuttoned her shorts she gave my a glance of /surprise/">surprise but I just smiled and started to pull them off her hips when she lifted them so I could easily pull them off. I went back to working her thighs. As I did, I would lift her legs so I could also get to her ass cheeks. 
In the mean time I would occasionally brush her /wet/wet-panties/">wet panties with my fingers sending shivers up and down her body. I then kneeled above her head pulling her into my lap and worked her arms down to her hands. This position gave me full view of Becca in her bra and panties. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was, but then again I could. Her panties were sopping wet and her nipples continued to poke through her bra. I just shook my head in disgust at the thought of little pipsqueak not taking care of her luscious body. Either due to lack of knowledge or maybe he was just plain stupid. I asked how she was feeling and she said wonderful, and that she had never felt better.