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I was 19 and in college, and had been interested in other boys for quite some time. I fantasized constantly about it, but had kept it to myself for fear of what people might think. That was all to change however, when my mother remarried, to a very nice man with an 18 year old son named Daniel. David was a real fox! He had light brown hair, beautiful green eyes, the most perfect "bubble-butt" I have ever seen and a 4" cock when soft. It was hard to get a look at his cock because he didn't ever want anyone to see him naked, but I did get a glimpse of him now and then when he was coming out of the shower. I am a butt-man myself, so when I saw David's naked bubble butt, I just instantly fell in love with him and wanted that ass to be spread over my face soon! He generally wore sweats to bed in the winter because our house was always so damned cold. My parents could not afford to heat our huge house so we just bundled up in the winter. The summer was no exception either, but David only wore his BVD's to bed then and it afforded me great shots of his beautiful ass and the bulge in his shorts!

I constantly was thinking of sex (especially ) so I was always mentioning things about sex or relating sexual stories to David. The first summer we were together, I sat on his bed with him lying there in his underwear and discussed how I liked to jack off. I asked him if he ever did it and he said "No WAY!" After some prodding, he finally admitted "doing it" but not very often. I told him maybe we could do it together some time and compare methods. He just looked at me and kind of gave me this disgusting scowl! It was sometime that summer that I discovered that he did masturbate. It was trash day and I was dumping all of the trashcans in the house. Out of curiosity, I was going through the trashcan in his room and found a lunch bag that appeared to have something in it. I thought this was strange because he took his lunch to school and never brought the bags home and school was not even in session at that time. I opened the bag and inside it were about 10 zipper lock sandwich bags sealed shut. 

There seemed to be nothing in them, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that they looked as if someone had spit in them. They were very slimy and had about a teaspoon of liquid inside. I opened one up and as soon as I did, the aroma of SPERM filled my nostrils! I had finally hit the mother lode! This was my 18 year-old stepbrother's sperm cache! Since David and my parents had just left about 15 minutes earlier for a couple of hours, I checked all of the bags. Sure enough, the sperm in one of them was still warm! I carefully opened the zip lock and put it up to my nose. It was FRESH! I had never smelled another guy's sperm before, but it smelled so good!

I don't know what came over me except insanity, but I opened up the bag all the way and opened my mouth and drained the contents of that bag down my throat! It tasted great! I had tasted my own sperm before and didn't like it. It was real bitter and smelled like bleach. David's sperm however tasted sweet and had a very nice aroma to it! I just went and started opening all of the other bags and draining the sperm out of them into my mouth and rubbing it all over my face. My cock got so hard that it just started shooting sperm all by itself all over the pile of bags on the floor. I was a mess! I had semi-dried sperm all over my face and fresh sperm still in my mouth. I realized what I had done and regained part of my composure. I was lucky that it was trash day! David would not realize anything was wrong because his trashcan would have been dumped anyway. I thought to myself, "He had 10 bags of sperm in this bag which means he jacked off at least 10 times this week because I dumped his trash last week and the can starts empty each week." I wondered if he jacked off in the shower as I did and how many more times each week he pounded his meat. This got me hard once again and I turned the bags inside out so the wet "insides" were exposed. 

I then laid them out on his bed and took all of my clothes off and began to "slither" all over the slimy bags. I got more of his sperm all over my and some on my chest and face and then I shot my load again, but this time on his bedspread! I thought "Oh fuck! What am I going to do now? David will know for sure I did something on his bed because of the spots AND the smell!" I decided that I didn't care. I was so HOT for David now that I didn't care if he found out what I had done. I was hoping maybe he would be turned on by it and want me to suck him off or something. I had also never had another guy's dick in my mouth or my ass but I was determined to get David's with that great tasting sperm in one of my holes somehow! Later that day, my parents dropped David off and went shopping, and I, only in my underwear, followed him into his room. I sat down on his bed really fast so he wouldn't notice that it was messed up more than when he left earlier. I could definitely smell his dried sperm floating around in the air. He stripped down to his shorts also because it was so hot in the house. He said "What is that smell?" I just laughed and told him I had one of my "jack-off marathons" while he was gone and shot loads of sperm all over the place. I even told him before I could catch myself that I shot several loads all over his bed and his pillow so he would have to smell it when he went to sleep. 

Shit, what the fuck was I saying? Was I trying to get caught? David just turned and looked at me and said "I hope the fuck you didn't do that for your sake!" I wasn't sure if he meant me having a sperm marathon or jacking off on his pillow, but he looked pissed. I just laughed and said I was just kidding around. I did notice he had a slightly larger bulge than normal in his shorts however! My dick started to rise in my shorts and I just let it happen. I asked him if he had ever smelled or tasted his sperm before and he just gave me that "disgusted" look again and didn't say a thing. I told him that I had and that I had even tasted another boys sperm once. He looked at me with partial disgust and amazement and then turned and looked at his trashcan. I just smiled. I noticed then that the bulge in his shorts was getting much larger now as he turned his back to me to hide the problem. Of course this gave me a full view of his beautiful bubble butt which really turned me on even more.

My cock was throbbing through my shorts now, and the head was almost sticking up past the waistband. I decided that now was the time to make my move so I started ribbing him. "I bet you jack off 10 times or more a week David... I bet you jack off in your bed every night and every morning when you wake up... I bet you have even tasted your own sperm and you like it!" David told me to shut up or he"d "get" me good! David was a wrestler on the school's team and in the past when he said he"d "get me" it meant that he would wrestle me to the floor and pin me until I gave in. Was he serious???? He was in his underwear with a boner! I would love for him to "get me good!" I said "you and what army? You are probably still weak from real forced anal against her will all that jacking off you did this morning. That is probably what that smell is in here. 

What a pervert you are!" That took David over the edge. I was a couple of years older than he was, and bigger, but he was strong! He turned around and grabbed me and threw me to the floor. I hit hard and it hurt, but I just fought back with all my strength. David immediately flipped me onto my back with my ass up in the air. When he did, my shorts came partially off and my hard on popped out in all its glory. David just said "sick" and sort of eased up his hold a little. I made my move and flipped him onto his back and sat on his chest pinning his arms with xnxxv sunny leone video my knees. Of course, my was only a few inches away from his face at this point. I told him I ought to piss on his face for being such a "jerk" but since I was hard I couldn't. He started cussing and told me he would kill me if I did. That did not help the condition of my throbbing dick. The precum was already oozing out and David and I both watched as it slowly slid down from the slit in my cockhead to his chin. That was the last straw! He lunged his lower body up which threw me off of him and into the wall headfirst! I was sort of dazed and David took advantage of the situation. He grabbed my legs and pulled me away from the wall. He didn't seem to care that I was hurt. He sat on my shoulders with his ass in my face and grabbed my now swollen balls. He squeezed them really tight and then said, "Maybe I ought to take a shit in your mouth since you think you can piss on my face?" The pain of his grip on my balls was excruciating but I was still so horny that I said "What, you going to shit in your shorts? You can't shit in my mouth with your shorts on !" I laughed a nervous laugh goading him even more. 

With that new insult, he took one hand off of one of my legs and pulled his shorts down to reveal his beautiful naked bubble butt to my lustful eyes. When he put his hand back on my leg, he raised up a little and exposed his little pink butthole to my eyes. He then said "there, asshole, now I have a perfect shot at your mouth, say you give or I'll shit in your mouth!" I knew that David would never do that so I said "go fuck yourself, which I am sure you probably do anyway." I laughed as he squeezed tighter on my ballsack. I lunged my lower body up as best I could and this brought his ass right down onto my face. It was so hot I wish he would have left it there, but he lunged forward when he felt his ass touch my face and gripped my balls even harder. I said "you"re a big man to keep me down by crushing my nuts! I bet you really like the feel of them in your hand, don't you?" I just hadn't seemed to learn my lesson and David, I think at this point he wasn't sure what to do so he released his grip on my balls slightly and sat right down on my face. He said "I'll tell you what...just clean my asshole for me with your tongue and I'll let you go." He had to be joking! He wanted me to stick my tongue up his ass??!! I told him in a muffled voice (since his ass was sitting on my face) that he could lick his own ass! 

David pressed his ass down farther on my face and my nose was stuck up his asshole. It smelled so sweet! His ballsack was now resting on my chin and I could tell that he had a raging hardon because the section between his asshole and his ballsack was as hard as a rock. I wondered how big David was hard. I told him that I would lick his ass if he let go of my balls, which were now swollen, from his squeezing and my excited state. He released his grip and said "start licking!" I did as he commanded and started to carefully lick the length of his crack. As my tongue passed his tight pink hole each time, I gently prodded it in just a little. On about the fourth time over, I pushed my tongue in farther. David pulled up a little and said "What the fuck are you doing?" I said "you told me to clean your asshole and that is what I am doing. I can tell that you don't really get in there and clean it good because I can taste the shit! I am just holding up my part of the bargain bro!" Of course his asshole was very clean, but I needed some excuse to get my tongue in there as far as I could shove it. 

With this statement, he eased his ass back down on my face and let me probe his asshole as far as my tongue could reach. I spent probably a good five minutes on it when I noticed one of his hands was no longer on my leg. I felt his asshole slightly bouncing up and down on my tongue and realized he was jacking off. I started fucking his asshole with my tongue as his pace grew faster. I finally couldn't take it anymore and moved my head to the side and said "David, there is no reason to waste your sperm. If you really want to humiliate me, you"d make me suck your cock and eat your sperm!" David didn't question what I had just said, or even give me that disgusted look of his. He just turned around, pulled his shorts off the rest of the way and sat on my chest facing me.

For the I saw his erect cock. It was about 7" long and had a beautiful helmet head! He had a wonderful set of large balls as well and I thought "that is why there was so much sperm in each bag!" He said "you really want this in your mouth?" I said, "Yes I do, David, and I think you want to put it in my mouth don't you?" David didn't reply. He just moved forward and rested his ballsack on my lips. I opened my mouth and his luscious balls fell deep into it. I sucked ever so gently on them and swirled my tongue around each ball savoring the "apple-like" taste of his sweaty sack. He was looking down into my eyes with this really loving look as he gently pulled his balls out of my hungry mouth. He moved back a little so I could lick the length of his throbbing penis with my tongue. I was in heaven! This just couldn't be happening to me! I always wanted to try sucking a cock and here I was with my "hunk" of a stepbrother about to take his throbbing tool down my throat! I licked the huge slick head of his cock and tasted the large amount of precum oozing from the slit. 

David appeared to be finally getting in to it as he said "oh yeah brother, lick that slit, suck my cock, eat my sperm!" I think David was getting slightly delirious, as was I. I slowly opened my mouth and let the massive head slide between my lips. I sucked on it to get the rest of the precum out of it and into my hungry mouth. Just then David yelled "oh fuck, suck my cock!" and shoved all of his 7" into my mouth and down my throat. He started pumping my mouth just like he would if he were fucking a pussy or an asshole. I had never experienced anything like this before and the gag reflex was in full motion. I kept choking on it but did not want to cause David any discomfort so I finally got used to it and started playing with his balls and probed his asshole with my finger as he pumped harder and faster into my throat. Then I shoved a finger into his asshole as far as it would go and rubbed my thumb hard on the spot between his balls and his asshole. Suddenly, David's asshole clenched tight around my finger and his balls seemed to leap up out of his ballsack and deep into his body. 

He screamed "Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm sperming, eat my sperm you fucking whore, eat my fucking sperm!!!" With that warning, I could feel the underside of his cock pulsing and a huge jet of sperm hit the back of my mouth. Then another pulse and another huge jet came bursting out of his piss-slit. Then David shoved his cock as far as it could go into my mouth and down my throat. I took it all with no problem this time and I felt his sperm gushing out of the slit down my throat and into my stomach! It was slippery and hot and the smell of it was such a turn-on that my cock started pulsing violently and shot several strong jets of sperm clear up to David's back. I could feel my sperm run down David's asscrack onto my finger so I scooped some of it up with my finger and used it as lubrication to re-enter David's asshole. This seemed to get him off even more and I think he immediately had another orgasm because I felt some more sperm drain out of his cockhead and into my throat.

After a couple of minutes, David finally stopped fucking my mouth and I stopped his asshole. He just sort of went "limp" on me and lay down on top of me with his soft cock still in my mouth. I did not want to let go! I started playing with the sperm that I had shot all over his asscrack with my fingers, gently swirling it around on his ass and in his crack. I gently prodded his asshole again and it was very slick from my sperm. I did not stick my finger in it, as I knew this would probably upset him, so I just gently caressed the hole. David finally rolled over and was lying on his back with his now soft but "full" cock resting on his leg. 

I gently went over and put my head beside his cock and caressed his soft cock with my tongue. There were still a few drops of sperm oozing out of the head so I carefully licked them off. David finally spoke. "So when is the next time you are going to piss me off and I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson?" I said "You know, David, I bet you anything that you suck your own dick and maybe I should tell some of your friends about it!" David just gave me that "disgusted" look of his and then a smile....