First time with Rebecca Inocent Catholic School Girl

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First time with Rebecca Inocent Catholic School Girl

My name is Josh, I?m twenty-one years old and am currently a college student. This story is about the time I finally got the girl I have been watching for years. Her name is Becca. She is only 18 and still in high school and I know that it is wrong for me to do anything with her but I just couldn?t take it anymore the day I came to her house and she was, having just gotten home from school she, still in her catholic school uniform?.

I was home already on spring break, and I didn?t have anything to do so I figured I?d go and see if Becca was home from school yet. She is a girl I met in high school, three years younger then me and still a minor. We got to be ok friends and hung out every once and a while but that?s all it ever was. I always wanted there to be more but we never got the chance since I went off to school three hours away. Her schools spring break hadn?t started yet so I figured I would drive over to her house in Jersey and see what she was up to, surprise her. When I got there no one was home, but I know how to get in the back so I let myself in, knowing Becca was always the first one to get home and no one would come and find me there except her. I waited for a few minutes in her room, just casually looking around, seeing all her pictures and things. I noticed one of her drawers was open in her dresser so I went over. I couldn?t believe what I saw! She had some of the sexiest thongs I had ever seen, I couldn?t help myself, I had to look through the drawer and see what else was there. In the back of the drawer I felt something hard, ?you have got to be kidding me? I thought to myself. And I found it; a little blue clit massager which I could easily tell had been used often. ?Should I do it? I thought to myself. My heart was racing, I was in the room of the little school girl I had been fantasizing over for the longest time. She was short, only about 5 feet tall, long sexy dark hair and the body of a goddess. She had /tits/big-tits/">big tits and a /ass/nice-ass/nice-round-ass/">nice round ass. I couldn?t help myself; I stuck the clit massager in my mouth and sucked all her juice off of it. It was amazing, I was actually getting to taste Becca?s pussy, even though it was only off her toy, I was loving it, I wanted more, I wanted the real thing. 

Then I heard the door open from downstairs and someone running up the steps. I quickly hid in her closet.

?I?ll stay here until she goes back downstairs and takes the dog out, sneak out the front door and walk around back and pretend I just got here, yeah, that will work. She will never know I was here?

The second I was safely hidden in the closet Becca walked in. Oh she had gotten even more beautiful and sexy since I had seen her last. She had her little skirt on and a blue button down shirt, and her sexy white thigh highs with the bows on the backs. I could feel my dick start to move around in my pants, aching to get out and be played with. Becca walked over to her stereo and turned on her music and sat down on her bed to take off her shoes. 

?Ok. No problem, she is just taking her shoes off to put sneakers on, she will leave in a second and I?ll be fine?

Then she left, but I didn?t hear her go downstairs, she was still up here. She only went to the bathroom. But when she got back to her room she walked in and tossed the panties she must have been wearing into her clothes bin. This was too much; she was standing not 10 feet from me completely naked under her little skirt. She walked over to her dresser and opened a few drawers then spun around fast, when she spun she skirt went up and I saw the bottom of her ass, my dick was pulsing harder then ever. She kind of skipped over to her bed; she seemed really excited about something. She put down whatever she had in her hand, and started to unbutton her shirt. As it fell from her shoulder and all that was covering her back was her bra I let out a soft gasp. Her shoulders and her back looked so soft and smooth. When she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor I could she her whole sexy back. ?I?m actually enjoying this? I thought to myself. ?This is so wrong, I?m in college, this girl is my friend, plus she is only 18 and still in high school. What am I doing?!? 

She turned around and sat down on the bed?.

?Omg, this isn?t happening.? I couldn?t believe it. Her tits were even hotter then I had ever imagined. They were big and round and her nipples were hard, aching to be sucked on. The light wasn?t on and I couldn?t see under her skirt, I tried to strain my eyes a little to see it, her pussy, her little school girl pussy that I knew was still tight and innocent. But I couldn?t see it. Without thinking my hand went for my dick and I started rubbing my rock hard cock through my pants. There was a wet spot from where my pre had leaked out without me even knowing about it. She laid back and lifted her legs up onto the bed, the way it faced she was at a bad angle and even when she opened her big muscular legs I couldn?t see her twat. I wanted to so bad, I wanted to just bust out of my hiding place and take her, make her my slut. ?No I cant do it, she is only 18, she is young and innocent, she would be so mad and so upset and she would never talk to me again.? So many thoughts were racing through my head; I didn?t know what to do. I felt my heart beating so hard in my chest I thought there was no way she couldn?t hear me. 

Then she picked it up, little Becca had gotten her clit massager out of her dresser, why didn?t I realize it before!? ?Oh no, did she notice it was moved? Is it still wet from when I was sucking on it?? it was unbearable. My dick was so hard it hurt, I needed to cum so bad and only little Becca could satisfy me. She turned it on and moved it from her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples down her body and under her skirt to her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. I know it was wet because I could hear her juices when the massagers lay against her lips. 

Becca- ?oh god, hmmmm.. ohh yeah..? she moaned softly as she began playing with herself. ?oh yes, oh Josh play with my clit?.?

FUCKING WHAT??!! No fucking way, she did not just say Josh. No way is she feeling the same way, wanting me as bad as I want her. Need to be filled by my dick as much as I want to let her have it. I was torn, ?Do I go to her? What will she do? Should I just stay here and pretend this never happened?? I didn?t know what to do. 

Becca- ?I said, oh josh come play with my clit??
???no?.she knows??

That was all I needed to hear, I open the closet door to big smile from the girl of my fantasies. 

Josh- ?How long did you know I was here??

Becca- ?When I got home I saw your car, and when I noticed my massager was moved and someone had licked all my juice off of it, I knew you were here somewhere, and when I called your name I knew you would come for me.?

Josh- ?I.. Becca? you?re too young, I cant??

Becca-? Please Josh, all I know is how to put this little blue massager on my clit, I?m still a virgin and I saved it for you, I want you to teach me how to be a slut, only for you. I just want to please you Josh, anyway you want me to??

She was sitting up on her bed now, a scared look in her eyes; I can?t imagine how hard it was for her to do all that she had just done while she knew I was watching her. She was biting her lip on one side, sitting with her arms and legs crossed, very shy about her body now that I was out in the open and she was sitting topless on her bed. Her eyes moved from mine to my pants where my dick was sticking out, making it more then obvious how hard I was at the sight of her. 

Josh- ?Stand up.?

Becca- ?Ok.. (shyly)?

When she stood, I took her in my arms and she slowly open her arms and wrapped them around my waist, embracing me tightly, her /big/big-breasts/">big breasts pressing against my chest. I kissed her softly the first time; her lips were so soft and tasted amazing. The second kiss was deep and passionate; I stuck my tongue in her mouth. It was clear she had not kissed many guys but she was still very good at it, sending me to a new level. I felt her press her body hard again my dick, rubbing herself on me. 

Becca- ?Does that feel good? Should I Stop??

Josh- ?Keep going, you?re doing good Bec. Now sit down on the bed, have you ever touched a real dick before??

Becca- ?No, well I have seen a couple online in some porn but, never actually seen or touched a real one??

Josh- ?Unbutton my pants and pull them down? (as I told her this I lifted off my shirt.)

Becca-? Ok josh? I?ll do whatever you want me to?
When she pulled down my jeans sexxxx video ful hd my dick flopped up and hit her in the face. I couldn?t help but laugh, and she giggled a little bit too. She looked up at me, taking in my whole body with her eyes.

Becca- ?Now what do I do.?

Josh- ?Take it in your hand and rub it, up and down?

Becca- ?Yes josh?

Her soft little hands felt amazing on my dick; it needed to be touched so bad but was not expecting Becca?s fingers to feel so good. She was very soft and careful. I could tell she was worried about hurting me or doing it wrong. I could feel her hot breath against my skin driving me wild. She asked before I could even say it?

Becca- ?Hey Josh, in one of the porns I watched the guy puts his, dick (giggles), in the girls mouth. Does it feel good when that happens??

Josh- ?Oh god yes Becca, so good?

Becca- (smiling) ?Can I do it then, can I put you in my mouth??

Josh- ?YES! Please put it in your mouth.?

Becca- ?I don?t really know how but.. Ill try?

Becca started by just opening her mouth xxx sex video download free com and letting my head to go in. I felt little bit of pre come out and she looked up at me and asked what the taste was. I told her it was kind of what cum tasted like, she said she liked it and I told her that if she kept going she would get to taste it again, when she made me cum. She licked my head and let more of my cock slide into her warm wet mouth. Her lips felt so good around me, I was in ecstasy. Then she just reached up with her other hand and cupped my balls. I asked her later how she knew I would like that and she told me that she saw the girl in the porn do it and wanted to show off what she knew! That?s my girl?

Josh- ?Oh Bec that feels so good, you?re making my dick so hard. You know you shouldn?t be doing this, you?re just an innocent little school girl.?

Becca- ?But I like it josh, please don?t make me stop. I?ll do better. Here!?

She leaned forward and picked her big tits up and lay them down on my dick. Her tits are so big and soft. They felt so good on my dick. 

Becca- ?Here, do you like this??

Josh- ?Omg Bec, oh it feels so good. Put it back in your mouth, I want to shoot my load in your mouth.?

Becca- ?What?s that??

Josh- ?After you suck my dick for a while I will have an orgasm and cum will shoot out of my dick into your mouth.?

Becca-? I want it josh, I want your /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth. I WANT TO MAKE YOU CUM JOSH!?

She took my dick back into her mouth and started to rock back and forth over me, letting my head reach the back on her mouth then back out to her lips again and again. She was so good at sucking dick for it being her first time. I could tell she had been thinking about it and planning out what she would do when she got me. I could tell she was enjoying herself. I reached down and cupped my hands around her breasts. 

Becca-(muffled by my cock) ?

Josh- ?Oh ya, humm on my dick, ya you like having your big tits played with while you have a /dick/big-dick/">big dick in your mouth don?t you Becca??

Becca- (nodding but continuing to suck hard) ?hmmm..mmmm?

I could feel it coming, I was going to cum. Her little hands on my shaft and her innocent wet mouth around my head was driving me crazy, I couldn?t hold it in any longer.

Josh- ?Oh Becca.. oh god.. I.. I?m gunna cum.. ohh fuck..?

Becca- (still jerking me off) ?should I keep it in my mouth??

Josh- (grabbing the back of her head and pulling her mouth back over my cock) ?UUUGHHHH! OH FUCKING SHIT! YES BECCA! SUCK MY DICK! SUCK MY COCK YOU LITTLE SCHOOL GIRL SLUT! DRINK MY CUM!!!!?

I shot my load in her mouth, my head was pulsing, my knees were shaking under me, and it was all I could do to stay standing up. I saw her cheeks bulge, her mouth filling with its first taste of cum, then some of it started to leak out the side of her mouth and down her chin. 

Josh- ?Swallow it baby, its ok?

She leaned back and licked her lips, in the dirtiest way she could, and she used her hand to wipe all the cum that leaked out of her mouth back in. She had the biggest most proud smile I?d ever seen.
Becca-?Was I good Josh??

Josh- ?Holy shit Bec, I?ve wanted that for so long. It was amazing. You did sooo good for your first time. Did u like when I came in your mouth hun??

Becca-?Oh god yeah.. Your cum tasted real good. Hehe, I really liked having your?. Dick? in my mouth Josh.?

The way she was looking at me, the way she said my name. I had changed her, the little school girl I saw when I opened the closet doors was gone. I had my slut, the girl of my dreams was mine to do with what I wished. 

Josh- ?Has anyone ever touched your pussy before Bec??

I could feel her shudder with excitement when I asked her that. It was clear she wanted it so bad. 

Becca- ?No one has ever touched me there before. Only.. only I have ever touched it. But I?ve never put anything in it ether. Not even my finger?. ?

Josh- (mouth hanging open) ?You?ve? you?ve never fingered yourself. Not even once??

Becca- ?No, my friend got me this thing (clit massager) and I play with it sometimes but.. not for a long time. I don?t really know how to use it.. I.. I just kind of rub it a little bit and then put it away (embarrassed at her innocents).?

Josh- ?Lay down, I?m going to give you your first orgasm, I know no one has ever touched your cunt, but I am going to do much more then that. I am going to lick it, and suck on it until you cum in my mouth.?

Becca- ?Holy shit Josh, your going to? li.. lick??.?

Josh- ?Say it Becca.. say pussy, talk dirty.. It will make you even wetter.?

Becca- ?Ok, lick.. lick my .. pussy josh. Please touch and lick /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy!!!!?

Josh- ?/good/good-girl/">good girl.. (Cracking a smile and a laugh)?

When she turned and lay back on the bed there was a wet spot on her sheets from where she had been sitting. Her pussy was so wet there was juice leaking out all over the place. She laid with her legs together, obviously still a little nervous about me seeing her pussy for the first time. I crawled slowly up her body; I could smell the sweet aroma of her virgin pussy as I let my face brush against her skirt. I kissed my way up her stomach, her soft smooth skin tasted amazing. I could fell her tense up every time my lips touched her. Her heart was pounding and she was breathing heavy. I was the first person to ever touch her, taste her. She was truly mine.
When I got up to her chest I lick up the center between her breasts. For only 18 Becca has big fully developed tits, they are beautiful. I let my tongue run all the way up her neck to her mouth and kissed her deeply, letting my naked body lay against hers softly. She moaned as I kissed her, I could still taste some of my cum on her lips. She wrapped her arms around me and dug her nails into my back, this made me ever more crazy and I kissed her even more roughly. I felt her legs relax a bit and open slowly, but not all the way. I knew then it was time to head south and do what I loved doing, what I am amazing at, the greatest thing in the world. It was time to eat out this school girls virgin cunt.